Tuesday, 29 July 2014

1970s "Inspirational posters"

In 1970s comic books and newspapers one could usually find advertisements offering posters, iron-on transfers, sew-on patches and T-shirts arranged by theme or subject matter: movie and TV stars, cartoon characters, pop stars, infant felons, etc.

Inspirational or motivational posters were also very popular, particularly among people who had few thoughts of their own and believed that pithy phrases containing as few syllables as possible somehow furnished them with something akin to a personality.

Scarfolk Council monitored the content of all posters to ensure that only quotes with moral integrity found their way onto the walls of citizens. To this end, the council turned to the tried-and-tested morality of spiritual and religious texts such as the Bible.

Here is a small selection of these posters from the council archive.


  1. God hates me? Thank you, God! I hate you too. Even though you don't exist.

  2. Brilliant. Again. May God bless you. Or vice versa.

  3. A delightful addition to any office wall.

  4. And they say Islam is a VIOLENT religion....

  5. You should seriously look into getting the first pair printed. And I also want to know more about this "Book of Scarfians" that seems to be missing from my copy of the Appendix to the Apocrypha.

  6. No no no......Islam is a VIOLET religion. Christianity (as pointed out by punk rock band Phlegm) is Maroon!

  7. Zoroastrianism is every colour of the windmill and it even encroaches into the infra-red.

    One thing this all proves, it's not black and white.

    1. I don't know, man. There's a lot of colors in the windmill.